Strength and Compassion

Nurse Trisha, Northwestern Memorial Chicago, Illinois
Nominated by Kathleen Harmon

This nurse is my 23-year-old daughter who just graduated in May 2019 and within her first 9 months as a nurse has experienced more than some nurses do in a lifetime. She has been taking care of Covid-19 positive patients. I am nominating her because I am so proud of her for her strength and compassion.

Compassionate and Nurturing

Nurse Mary, Hospice Traveling Nurse, Northeast Ohio
Nominated by Mathew Breinlinger

This nurse, my mother, inspired me when she took care of her mother, my grandmother, during her last few weeks. My mother's compassion and nurturing towards all of her patients is what makes her really good at her job. Undoubtedly, her stress level has gone up a little during the COVID-19 crisis. Please consider my mother, the hospice nurse, for this nice prize.

Volunteering During This Crisis

Nurse Nikki, Vidant Medical Center, Greenville, North Carolina
Nominated by Annette Campbell

Nikki is a salary-paid nurse who works in administrative duties. She was told that she could go home during the virus and still get paid her salary while staying at home. She did not feel right doing that and went back to the hospital to volunteer during this crisis. She works long hard hours at the hospital when she could be at home drawing a salary. She is truly a dedicated nurse.

Helping Those Who Need Her

Nurse Rebe, Vanderbilt Children's Hospital
Nominated by Austin Van Ryn

During this pandemic, she has never once complained about the looming threat. Her concern has remain transfixed on helping those who need her. I've never met a woman like her.

My Husband, Kirk

Nurse Kirk, Cleveland Clinic
Nominated by Cheryl Scheckel

My husband, Kirk. He works so hard for our family, and although he was not on the front line, he did help out by making COVID calls while his department had slowed down for a bit. We love our nurse so much!

Caring and One of the Best

Nurse Christine, Union Memorial, Baltimore, Maryland
Nominated by Mary and Charlie Deluca

Christine is the one the best nurses around. She is kind. Christine is a young mom and has gone back to work. She is an amazing caring person who takes her job very seriously.

Risked Her Health Because She Cares

Nurse Kay, Hunstville Hospital
Nominated by Kristin Wesseling

I play on an adult soccer team with my friend Kay. She is a nurse at the Huntsville Hospital. She recently spent three weeks working in an ER in New York helping. Their hospitals are full right now because of the coronavirus. She risked her health and did this because she cares so much about others. She left her husband and toddler at home to work long hour shifts.

Wise, Resilient, and Undeterred

Nurse Jeremy, South Marin Health and Wellness Center
Nominated by Eugenia Clark

Nurse Jeremy works tirelessly for his patients to give them the best care possible. He tends to each of his patients with deep care and compassion, and extensive medical knowledge. During this pandemic, he has consistently shown up undeterred and taken all necessary precautions to keep the nursing home safe and free of Covid-19. He is a wise, resilient, and most impressive nurse.

Retiring Soon Dedicated Oncology RN

Nurse Cheryl, Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Nominated by Jeneen Bish

My healthcare hero is my mother, Cheryl. She is 3 years from retiring and has dedicated her entire healthcare career as an oncology RN. She showed me it was possible to have a family and pursue a nursing career while raising children. She has taught me compassion and empathy and has made me a better mother and a better nurse. I am proud to have followed in her footsteps and look forward to seeing her celebrate her retirement in a few years. She deserves the best as that is what she gives anyone she meets and takes care of. Whether it be her family, her friends, or her patients.

Taking Care of Patients and Saving Lives

Nurse Ralph, St. Elizabeth Hospital
Nominated by Paulette Maravola

Ralph is very compassionate about his job, never complains about anything, and is always willing to stay to help others. He is there to take care of the patients, and save lives.

Driven, Organized, Brave, Kind

Nurse Kayla, Good Samaritan Hospital
Nominated by Kayte CookWatts

My sister is a leader to her coworkers and to her family. She is driven, organized, brave, and kind.


Nurse Kendall, John's Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
Nominated by Sabrina Taylor-Smith

Kendall is the sweetest, kindest most considerate person I have ever met and it is my honor to be her friend. She strives for the best and I admire that about her. She is the breadwinner in her family and her daughter is so well behaved it makes me want to have children. She is literally superwoman and I love her, she deserves this.

Lighting Up the Room

Nurse Desiree, St. John's Hospital, Oxnard, California
Nominated by Letesha Cochran

I have seen Desiree go above and beyond for her patients. She loves what she does and will do anything for anyone without being told. She keeps a smile on her face that lights up the room when she walks in. All the patients and staff love her she puts her everything in patient care and will go to back about her patients.

Making Every Day Easier

Nurse Teresa, Central Washington Hospital
Nominated by Catherine Shellabarger

She is reliable, dependable, hard-working, always friendly, helpful, sincere, and always putting patient safety first. She is a joy to work with and I feel very blessed to have met her and work beside her. She makes every day a little bit easier.

Someone to Count On

Nurse Paula, Univerity of North Carolina, Oncology
Nominated by Rachel Faulkner

Paula worked with my husband and I while he was going through active treatment for advanced melanoma. On several visits to the hospital, Paula went out of her way to make sure that not only was my husband comfortable, but that I had everything I needed as well. Whether that meant financial or emotional support Paula was always someone that we could count on to give us resources.

Although we don't see Paula much now (my husband is no longer in active treatment) we think of her often not just as a nurse but as a friend and how she helped us during such a difficult time.

Proud of My Son

Nurse Earl, South Pasadena Care Center
Nominated by Marian Calantas

He is a very compassionate, hardworking nurse, dedicated to his work. His main priority is the safety and well being of his patients, despite of the global pandemic he chose to serve his patients because it’s a calling, a vocation. He balances his time working in a skilled nursing facility and continuing his Bachelor's degree in nursing, I’m so proud of my son.

Still Riding Her Own Harley

Nurse Amy, Rapid City, South Dakota
Nominated by Arnie Henrickson

My niece! From a humble family and divorced with two grown boys...she works for 20+ yrs now in critical care and other settings! And still rides her own Harley!

On the Front Line

Nurse Jill, Ascension Sacred Heart Pensacola, Florida
Nominated by Gregory Ates

She is an RN and she has been on the front line; prescreening people to determine if they would be allowed to enter the hospital. On top of her regular job, she is also working on her master's degree in ARNP. As part of that program, she has also been doing clinical hours in a family practice setting.

I Could Never Do What She Does

Nurse Christine, St. Margaret's Hospital
Nominated by Karen Leonard

She has been a nurse for as long as I have known her. Years in the ICU taking care of critical care patients and now in the Surgical Unit. I admire her because I could never do what she does!

Advocating for Her Providers and Patients

Nurse Mona, Clinica Sierra Vista Elm CHC

Recently moved into a walk-in clinic and was thrown into work with four new providers while the whole COVID-19 pandemic started in the beginning of April 2020. With Mona's integrity and quick critical thinking, she was never afraid to stand up for changes and advocate for her providers and patients. She's been on this new LVN walk-in nurse and is shining bright like she is.

Compassion on Their Last Days

Nurse Karla, OC Global Hospital
Nominated by Scott Barber

She inspires me because she has compassion for those who are dying and it's their last days of life sometimes.

Every Day Helping People with Depression and Anxiety

Nurse Jill, Evanston Hospital
Nominated by Robert Moore

She is working and helping psychiatrically ill patients. She inspires me by going into work every day and working with people suffering from depression and anxiety, especially in these uncertain times.

Unconditional Love

Nurse Sherry, self-employed
Nominated by Jodi Pincus

My mother is a dedicated nurse who gives her family and her patients unconditional love.

Handmade Hundreds of Masks

Nurse Karissa, Sarasota Memorial Hospital
Nominated by David Berns

Karissa possesses a very rare gift which is called putting others' needs before hers. In addition to being an RN, she has now taken on Covid-19 patients and did it without hesitation. When the pandemic hit, she started making hundreds of homemade masks by hand for facilities all across the country. She is the true meaning of being a hero.